Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Next Step

My head is always so full of things to do and things to think about that sometimes I am mentally and psychologicallt paralzyed by it all. That's when the little hamster wheel in my brain starts spinning. Boy, can that little guy run! By the time he's done, I have gone from a simple problem to being homeless and ready to give up on everything. It sounds silly, but living this ritual over and over is a much different story.

I received a bit of good advice and a way to give the hamster a break: "Just focus on taking the next step." For me that means not worrying about what to do tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. For now it means focusing on what to do next. For example, I am typing this blog. After I am done typing, I will make something to eat. While I do that, I will decide on what to do after.

For now, that is a good idea because when I think about all the challenges I am facing - moving, bankruptcy, health problems, finding a different job, cleaning up this chaos in my living room - it is easy to let myself get overwhelmed and give the hamster another chance to get the wheel spinning again. I don't have a lot of coping skills, so right now focusing only on the next step is the most effective tool I have.

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  1. ...also, if you offer the hamster some sunflower seeds, she might get off the wheel and stuff them into her cheek pouches and look really cute...